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From the desk of William C. De Temple
The Rapid Growth CEO

RE: Raising Capital For Business Expansion

Dear Friend,

If you’re a business owner and you need funding to expand, then this is the most important message you’ll ever read.

That’s because I’m handing you, on a silver platter, a step-by-step blueprint to get funding for your business.

And I want you to know…

YES… You REALLY Can Get The Funding You Need!

If you accept my offer today and reserve your copy, then I will send you my new book Raise Capital Quickly which describes in detail a proven process to securing funding for businesses of any size.

I’ve been able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in funding personally and through my networks of investors.

Now, in this easy to follow book, you’ll have the process you need to make your business attractive to investors and funders that will give you money to grow to the level of success you deserve.

Imagine your business successful and thriving.

Feel the feeling of knowing you’ve built something that truly matters and makes a difference in the world.

See yourself enjoying the freedom and prosperity of a successful business owner who is captain of your destiny.

It’s all in the pages of this book and you can have your copy NOW!

I’ll give you the reason why I’m doing this, but first let me introduce myself.

My name is William De Temple and I’ve been called….

The “Rapid Growth CEO”

I’ll tell you more about myself later and how I took 4 companies I founded to monumental success in record time.

But this message concerns you, your business, and the number #1 key to sustainability and the acceleration of your company’s growth and ultimate prosperity.


It’s the lifeblood for any business.

The right kind of capital for your business allows expansion of resources, implementation of ideas, new clients, and increased sales.

As with any enterprise – you want rapid growth.

However, all too often business owners are over leveraged, stretched thin, put at risk, and underfunded.

This is what we call “No Man’s Land.”  Your business comes to a chasm where it doesn’t have enough capital to get to the next level and you know there is a lot more business on the other side of the chasm.

Too often in the attempt to stretch across the chasm businesses take risks they don’t fully understand.

This is the formula for failure.

There is a solution.

This book is for business owners wanting to cross the chasm and grow to the next level.

Chances are you’ve seen success in your business – but you’ve also seen setbacks.

Right now you want to grow, but you know the only thing keeping you from the business you want is funding.

My book will guide you to getting the funding you need. In fact, it’s pages contain an action plan for…

 Doubling, Tripling, Quadrupling (or more) The Size Of Your Business!

 How Am I So Sure It’s Possible?

Through my track record of success in business I’ve become known as a Professional CEO.

This is because I help companies grow at rapid speed, and help business owners exit for top dollar.

My experience and expertise includes:

  • Raising Angel, venture, and other sources of capital for numerous companies.
  • Been through the IPO process
  • Board of director member for several private, public, and non-profit companies.
  • Member of the Angel Capital Association
  • Board member of the Angel Pool Organization
  • Founder Maximize Angel Investments

And I’ve personally built 4 rapid growth companies from the ground up…

  • My first business I started when I was 11 years of age and grew it 400% in three years.
  • The second company I took from launch to implementation in 2 days completely from scratch. Over the next 7 years that company grew to over $12 million in revenue with over 20% EBITDA. I later sold that business to a strategic buyer.
  • My fourth venture grew to over $65 Million in 3 years and took it through the IPO process.
  • And after only 8 months in business, my fifth company grew to over 135 employees with over $800,000 in monthly revenue and growing exponentially.

Long story short: I know how to build a company, raise capital for expansion, exit for huge returns for principle parties and investors – and everything in-between.

I’m not saying this to brag or boast or try to impress you.

In fact, it’s the opposite – I’m trying to impress upon you what the reality of your business could truly be.

Besides, I’m not alone.

Here are some of my clients that I’ve been able to help achieve the funding they needed to expand and accelerate the success of their organizations:

  • Ben Cox, Greystone: Raised $2M for expansion capital which allowed him to double the size of his business.
  • Ernie Murillo, EMC2: Raised $450,000 to launch his business when he left corporate America, in just 5 months.
  • Mark Nichols, eLoansite: Raised $850,000 in six months to take their business to the next level.
  • Erlend Peterson, Financial Advisor: Raised capital to help a number of his clients grow their businesses.
  • Brad Bartlett, Interview Technologies: Raised $2.4M in four months to grow his business.
  • Orlando Lopez, QualData: Raised $1.2M in five months to grow his business after which he then went on to raise three additional rounds of capital from what I taught him.
  • Tom Burk, Advanced Control: Raised $2.4M and their annual growth went into the mid double digits.

And that list could go on and on.

 So What Does All This Have To Do With You?

My passion now is to help business owners take their companies to their fullest potential.

You see I’ve achieved success in my career in business. However, it wasn’t without cost or pitfalls.

Today, I’m reaching out to serious business owners to help guide the way, just like those who stepped up and helped me build my way to success.

I’m searching for serious business owners ready for growth at breakneck speeds.

You’ve put your heart and soul into building your organization – don’t you deserve to grow it as large as you see possible?

 I Help Businesses Get Funding And Grow Fast!

 And This Book Outlines How I Do It!

Go ahead and click this link…

 Reserve Your Copy For Raise Capital Quickly Now!

Have you ever watched the hit ABC show Shark Tank?

It’s where hopeful entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of investors who decide whether or not to invest their own money and time in the business.

Deals like this just aren’t made for TV.

Investors are actively seeking companies to fund.

Companies have seen transformational success as a result of an experienced investor’s guidance and capital.

And it can happen for your business too.

However, your business MUST match the specific criteria investors and funders look for.

I’ll show you how to build your business around this criteria that will make getting the capital you need easy.

This book is the collection of my life’s work and passion… helping entrepreneurs succeed and growing companies. In my time as a business owner I’ve discovered…

 Success Is Not An Accident

 It’s A Formula…

In my career I’ve created a formula for not only getting funding but expanding a business the right way – and very rapidly.

This formula is time tested and battle proven.

I’ve helped not only my companies, but my clients companies achieve monumental heights.

Now it’s your turn.

I’d like to apply my formula to your business.

It’s all in the 150 pages of my new book…


Again, I’d like to send you a copy NOW!

In this book I walk you through the steps of…

  • Building your personalized plan so your business is an “Investment Grade Opportunity.”
  • Identifying the proper sources of funding that match your specific goals.
  • Developing your exit and/or succession plan for maximum rewards from your efforts.

This book contains your blueprint to getting funding fast.

You’ll discover…

  • Why capital is crucial to rapid business growth and the right types of capital for your business.
  • The red flags and costly pitfalls to avoid that’ll save you tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions in tuition fees from “the school of hard knocks.”
  • Exactly what potential investors and funders want… and how to create your business system for maximum potential.
  • The importance of the corporate veil.
  • 12+ types of capital and which is right for you and your personal business goals.
  • Setting up a desirable business plan, step-by-step.
  • How to USE your business plan for acquiring funding (now that you have the right one.)
  • Negotiating and mastering the art of getting the deal.

In 150 pages, I cover all this and more.

It’s an easy to follow book, but very through.

 So Here’s The Deal…

I’d like to send you a copy of my book.

In fact, it sells on right now for $97.

But I’m giving this to you for only the cost of shipping and handling.

I know you’re thinking… why would I giveaway this book I normally charge $97 every day to you?

Don’t worry – I don’t have any evil schemes up my sleeve.

The answer is quite simple.

I consult companies in getting funding.

It’s my hope that after you read my book and if you’re the right company that we can build a relationship.

I work with a very specific type of consulting client for whom I know I can get massive results…

So we’ll only work together if it makes sense for the both of us.

Even if we don’t find some way to connect in the future, I still want you to have a copy of my book.

There won’t be any funny business, no monthly charges, no weird telemarketers ringing you around the clock. None of that stuff what-so-ever.

 I’m giving you a copy of my book with the sole purpose of providing you value FIRST.

All I ask is a small favor and your help to cover the cost of shipping and processing.

That’s it.

You can request your copy and I’ll have it sent to your door immediately.

Here’s What To Do Next

Like I said, to request your copy, all I ask is you assist in covering the small shipping and processing fee my shipment house charges to help cover my costs of $9.70.

All you have to do is click the button below to reserve your copy now.


When you complete the secure reservation form on that page and click submit, my fulfillment team will rush you your order right away.

When you receive your copy of Raise Capital Quickly you’ll be armed with an action guide to getting funding for your business.

There’s no catch, no tricky stuff.

You’ll get your copy in the mail direct to your door right away.


I should tell you, however, that I only have a limited quantity of books remaining and I am not sure if I will be conducting this “book giveaway” offer again.

As I write this message, there are 53 books remaining from my last order from my publisher.

As I mentioned earlier, this book sells on for $97 and does sell very well.

So this is a marketing test and I expect copies won’t last.

I don’t know when or if I will do this again, so I suggest you reserve your copy now.

 So What You Need To Do Now!

Go ahead and click this link…

 Reserve Your Copy For Raise Capital Quickly Now!

Together we can make your potential a reality.

To the success and profits you deserve.

William C. De Temple


P.S. Personally and within my networks of investors I’ve raised hundreds of millions of dollars in funding.

Now I want to help you.

Get my new book Raise Capital Quickly.

I’ll send it to you (for a one-time S&H fee), but you MUST act now.


Reserve Your Copy For Raise Capital Quickly Now!


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