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Need funding to expand your business?

Why not start with a step-by-step guide?

Claim your copy of Raise Capital Quickly: a book with a proven process to securing funding for businesses of any size.

Meet William De Temple, otherwise known as the “Rapid Growth CEO”

“I’ve been able to raise over a hundred million dollars in funding personally and through my networks of investors. In my easy-to-follow book, you’ll learn how to make your business attractive to investors and funders. I’ll give you the tools and teach you the process of leveraging investors to give you the money you need to make your business goals a reality. You can experience the success you deserve and the freedom and prosperity of a lucrative business owner. Together we can make your potential a reality.”

– William De Temple


What is the #1 key to sustainability and the acceleration of your company’s growth and ultimate prosperity?


It’s the lifeblood for any business.

The right kind of capital for your business allows expansion of resources, implementation of ideas, new clients, and increased sales.

img_bullet-arrow The Problem:

As with any enterprise – you want rapid growth.

Chances are you’ve seen success in your business – but you’ve also seen setbacks.

All too often, business owners are over leveraged, stretched thin, put at risk, and underfunded. This is what we call “No Man’s Land.” Your business comes to a chasm where it doesn’t have enough capital to get to the other side and you know there is a lot more business on the other side of the chasm.

In the attempt to stretch across the chasm, businesses take risks they don’t fully understand. This is a formula for failure.

img_bullet-arrow The Solution:

Raise Capital Quickly is the book that will guide you to get the funding you need. Its pages contain an action plan for doubling, tripling, even quadrupling the size of your business! If you are a business owner wanting to grow to the next level and master your own destiny, then this is an offer you can’t afford to miss out on. It can be yours for less than $10 – that’s just the cost of shipping and handling.



How can you trust it is possible?

William’s “Professional CEO” experience with:

img_successful-company-iconBuilding and growing successful companies.

img_successful-company-iconRaising capital for expansion.

img_successful-company-iconExiting with huge returns for principle parties and investors.

img_successful-company-iconAnd everything in-between.

img_bullet-arrow Specifically, William has experience:

  • Raising angel, venture, and other sources of capital for numerous companies.
  • Going through the IPO process.
  • Serving on boards for several private, public, and non-profit companies; including Angel Capital Association, Angel Pool Organization and founder of Maximize Angel Investments.

img_bullet-arrow He’s personally built four rapid growth companies from the ground up:

  • William took over his first business when he was 11 years old and grew it 400% in three years.
  • The second company he took from launch to implementation in two days, and in just seven years, he grew it to over $12 million in revenue with over 20% EBITDA. He later sold it to a strategic buyer.
  • He grew his next venture to over $65 million in three years and took it through the IPO process.
  • And after only eight months in business, he grew another company to over 135 employees with over $800,000 in monthly revenue and growing exponentially.


Success is not an accident.

It’s a formula.

img_bullet-arrow In this book, William walks you through the steps of:

  • Building your personalized plan so your business is an “Investment Grade Opportunity.”
  • Identifying the proper sources of funding that match your specific goals.
  • Developing your exit and/or succession plan for maximum rewards from your efforts.
  • Creating the blueprint to getting funding fast.

img_bullet-arrow You will discover:

  • Why capital is crucial to rapid business growth and the right types of capital for your business.
  • The red flags and costly pitfalls to avoid that will save you tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions in tuition fees from “the school of hard knocks.”
  • Exactly what potential investors and funders want… and how to create your business system for maximum potential.
  • The importance of the corporate veil.
  • 12+ types of capital and which is right for you and your personal business goals.
  • Setting up an investable grade business plan, step-by-step.
  • How to use your new business plan for acquiring funding.
  • The art of negotiating and mastering the technique of getting the deal.


William’s Success Stories

img_successful-company-iconClient: Ben CoxCompany: Greystone

Success Story: Raised $2M for expansion capital, which allowed him to double the size of his business.

img_successful-company-iconClient: Orlando LopezCompany: QualData

Success Story: Raised $1.2M in five months to grow his business after which he then went on to raise three additional rounds of capital.

img_successful-company-iconClient: Ernie MurilloCompany: EMC2

Success Story: Raised $450,000 to launch his business when he left corporate America, in just 5 months.

img_successful-company-iconClient: Brad BartlettCompany: Interview Technologies

Success Story: Raised $2.4M in four months to grow his business.


Raise Capital Quickly Reviews


“A practical and useful guide that entrepreneurs should read BEFORE meeting investors… It lays out a thorough and proven approach to dramatically increasing your odds of closing a deal and raising the money you need to grow your business.”

– Jeff Hoffman, Former President of Priceline


“A concise guide for entrepreneurs that covers a great number of subjects in one short, easy-to-read work. Every entrepreneur should use this as a checklist, particularly in the area of business plan creation.”

– Dave Berkus, Super Angel


“As an Original Shark on Shark Tank, I wish this book had been written a few years earlier. I know it would have helped many of the entrepreneurs seeking capital on Shark Tank understand how investors think and what the entrepreneur needs to do to make their business an investable grade business.”

– Kevin Harrington, Entrepreneur, Inventor of the Infomercial and Founder of “As Seen on TV”


“The key to starting and building a thriving business enterprise is accelerated capital formation. Raise Capital Quickly will help you understand how to deal successfully with venture capital, super angels and angel investors. But it doesn’t stop there. Importantly, Raise Capital Quickly provides to you the tricks, triggers and red flags you need to be aware of when doing business with unlicensed brokers – information that can literally save your business.”

– Les Brown, World’s Leading Motivational Speaker


Be William’s Next Success Story

“My passion now is to help business owners take their companies to their fullest potential. You see I’ve achieved success in my career in business; however, it wasn’t without cost or pitfalls. I’m reaching out to serious business owners to help guide the way, just like those who stepped up and helped me build my way to success.

You’ve put your heart and soul into building your organization – don’t you deserve to grow it as large as you see possible? I help businesses get funding and grow fast! This book is the collection of my life’s work and passion and it outlines how I do it!”

– William De Temple


So Here’s the Deal

Claim your copy of William De Temple’s book Raise Capital Quickly currently selling on Amazon.com for $97

img_bullet-arrow Why would William give you his book, which normally costs $97 on Amazon to you for free?

The answer is quite simple. William consults companies in getting funding in hopes that after you read his book and by William learning about your company that a business relationship can be built. He works with a very specific type of consulting client for whom he knows he can get massive results. You will only work together if it makes sense for the both of you.

img_bullet-arrow No funny business.

  • No monthly charges.
  • No weird telemarketers calling you around the clock.
  • None of that stuff what so ever.

img_bullet-arrow Limited time offer.

William only has a few copies available for this free giveaway. Claim your copy now (S&H fees apply).



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